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Putting your company on the Internet

Having a professional website has become a necessity for companies. Not having a website is viewed by many as proof that a company is not a significant player or is no longer in business.

The Internet is the lowest-cost medium to disseminate company and product information worldwide, to collect information, and to transact business. We have arranged for the hosting of many websites at only $9.95 per month plus $10.00 per year for domain name registration.

We have created many websites from scratch, without any pre-existing written material. We have also created effective, low-cost websites from existing corporate brochures and product literature. Our web services always include metatags and search engine optimization.

Your new web site will increase market exposure for your company and products, producing customer traffic in the form of incoming phone calls, emails, and filled out form inquiries.

Internet Philosophy

We believe that any organization can benefit from a website, but that this website has to be integrated with the other components of the sales and marketing program. And the website must be optimized for search engine ranking, with attention to the right keywords and key phrases. Too many websites are non-strategic and unfocused. We begin by learning your business, analyzing your competition, and establishing objectives for your website. Following creation of the initial website, we provide website maintenance, since a company's business and web technology are continually evolving.

Website Examples

  • www.laurels.com is the main website for Laurels Electronics, a manufacturer of digital instrumentation. It includes application notes and an online shopping cart. We have also created a 44-page catalog for Laurel, the company's brochures, print advertising, pay-per-click advertising, and product manuals.
  • www.wastechengineering.com emphasizes the waste treatment systems business of  Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. www.wastechcontrols.com is a parallel website which uses many of the same web elements but emphasizes automation and control systems solutions. Wastech communicates with its extensive distributor sale force via periodic emails. These are listed in www.wastechengineering.com/newsletters.
  • www.farwestcorrosion.com and its subweb www.ccpco.com show the products of Farwest Corrosion Control Products Company and Corrosion Control Products Company, leading distributors of corrosion control products. We put their supplier literature on the web, creating a website over 600 pages deep. Shopping cart capability is included for both companies.
  • www.ssreng.com describes the radar processing systems business of SSR Engineering. www.ssreng.com/ES is a subweb entirely in Spanish.
  • www.janascorp.com describes the global investment banking business of Janas Corporation. www.chinese.janascorp.com is a subweb that is entirely in Chinese. To view, Chinese characters must be installed on the visitor's computer.
  • www.iar-arms.com. Antique arms reproductions, blank-firing guns and air rifles. This successful site takes many orders each day.
  • www.emf-company.com. Another antique arms reproductions site specializing in the Old West and Civil War eras. Check out the fine polished wood backgrounds.
  • www.hear-more.com. One of our earliest websites, now augmented with shopping cart capability.
  • www.hawaiiantan.com. Sun care products from the maker of Hawaiian Tan. The finest sun protection and skin moisturizing products available.

Organization Websites

  • www.globalnetworkoc.org. A brand new website for The Global Network OC. Still being developed.
  • www.imcsocal.org. Southern California chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants. Now being maintained by another group. Extensive html email announcements by TMG..
  • www.hbsaoc.org. Harvard Business School Association of Orange County. Now being maintained by another group. Extensive html email announcements by TMG..

Consultant Websites

  • www.ayers-consulting.com. Management consulting specializing in supply chain management and healthcare management. The site links to Jim Ayer's extensive publications.
  • www.birnbaumassociates.com. Management consulting specializing in strategic planning. The The site links to Jim Ayer's extensive publications.
  • www.reynolds-group.com. Environmental services by The Reynolds Group. We created this site for only $2,500.
  • www.trgmexico.com.mx. TMG's first Spanish language website for the Mexican market. The site itself is hosted in the U.S.
  • www.cdeckert.com. Product development consulting specializing in optical development.
  • www.colligated.com. Business intelligence and management control for board directors, executives and business owners.
  • www.rjdadamo.com. Hands-on management consulting and mentoring. The website includes three books in their entirety.

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Technical Marketing Group, Inc.
Increasing Sales through Improved Marketing
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